May 6, 2016

The Friday 5: Great Fantasy Sites I Follow

The Friday 5 is a weekly event posted here on Deviant Worlds. Each week I create a personal top 5 list relating to the genres of Fantasy and Science Fiction. This week's topic is my Top 5 Great Fantasy Sites I Follow. These are other fantasy based sites around the web I love to lurk on and do not contribute content to.
Here they are:

5. Best Fantasy Books - This one is a lot of fun because I love lists! I enjoy the ability to crowd rank books in each sub-genre and the community has input to choose the best books in each sub-genre of fantasy. I've stumbled upon a lot of great reads from this site just from seeing what's similarly ranked in each sub-genre. On top of this, they also have a great blog with good reviews and articles.  

4. Fantasy-Faction - Fantasy-Faction was probably the very first fantasy site I frequently visited some years ago and I've been a frequent follower ever since. I enjoy the forum discussion aspect of the site and like the consistency with articles, interviews and reviews. It really has become a one stop shop for fantasy fiction and is a great site for anyone in the genre looking for a good read. 

3. MightyThorJRS - I visit James Schmidt's site regularly because I've found that he has very similar tastes to what I like to read. He reads and reviews a variety of books on his site and does giveaways, lists, and guest blogs. I've lurked there for quite a while and I've really enjoyed Jame's content. Well worth checking out for yourself!

2. Bookwriaths - Wendell is the author over on Bookwraiths. The site is geared towards lists, memes and fantasy/science fiction/YA book reviews and graphic novel reviews. The intention of the site is to promote great reads with informative information on everything Wendell has read and wants to read. A lot of really great content is put out here and I've been a Bookwriaths lurker for a good long time. Definitely worth checking out if you never have!

1. r/fantasy - A great subreddit on Reddit that features art, music, movies, books, you name it. While the primary talk is about books, there is enough members in the community that content changes hourly and there's always great recommendations to read, watch or view. Discussion is very open here and I love chatting with other people who love the same books and even debate those opinions I differ with in a friendly environment. If you've never been a Redditor, this is the one subreddit I would recommend above all others. Check it out, I'm sure if you are a fantasy fan you will find some measure of enjoyment from what's being posted there. 

Have a site of your own or one you follow? Comment in the comments below so I can check it out!