May 12, 2016

The Friday 5: Authors that Deserve More Attention

The Friday 5 is a weekly event here on Deviant Worlds. Every Friday I present a top 5 list related to the science fiction or fantasy genre. This week's Friday 5 is Author's that Deserve More Attention. These are authors that have found traditional publishing success, but aren't the buzz their good work should be in the fantasy circles. Basically, these are the authors I wish were more popular in the genre. As always, leave me your list in the comments below!

5. Luke Scull

At a first glance you might say that The Grim Company is a sort of spin off of Glen Cook's The Black Company. But as the first book comes to a close and then the second book further develops the characters and world I have been left amazed at just how great this series is and is becoming. Luke Scull just is not talked about much in the circles of the big dogs in fantasy but he's quickly making his way there in my mind.

4. James A. Moore

Seven Forges was an impulse buy for me at a local Barnes and Noble. I saw the cover, thought it was interesting, and after reading the back flap I decided to give it a shot. It's was a great read and I rushed off to buy the sequel. I've been enjoying the series and yet I never hear much talk about Jame's series on any of the big forums. He's got a great series going and I hope more people discover the great work he's doing.

3. Douglas Hulick

I discovered Among Thieves late last year because it was recommended to me by one of my readers on The Grimdark Review as a good Grimdark read. I decided to give it a shot and the lead character Drothe has won me over. It's a first person tale, a style that seems to be lacking presence in the genre and it was a wonderfully refreshing read that felt very original. I've just about finished the second book now and I hope more people will discover the great work Douglas has been doing in his Tales of the Kin series. 

2. Michael R. Fletcher

Beyond Redemption was grim and sometimes a bit insane, but that's a compliment. Michael Fletcher has a unique kind of story going with his insanity based magic system. Beyond Redemption was just released last year, the second book has just recently found a home with a new publisher, Talos. I hope Michael will become a household name in the fantasy genre down the road because he seems to have a great perspective on writing original and daring fantasy.

1. Jeff Salyards

One of the very best series I've ever read, The Bloodsounder's Arc is a gem in the genre and it's just not talked about enough. Salyards writes the story of a timid scribe that is contracted by an elite fighting force on their secretive mission. Salyards is a brilliant writer. He writes great action and dialogue as well as characters I could really care for. There are some really loyal Bloodsounder's Arc fans out there, but I think Jeff Salyards' work deserves way more attention. It truly is great fantasy, and I can't wait to see what Jeff Salyards will write next.


  1. Love Jeff Salyards and James Moore! The others are top of my Summer Reading list long before I saw this post. So have to say great call out. Terrific list!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I hope you find these books as great reads as I did!

    2. Great service reminding the world about these awesome grimdark reads, bro!