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Interview Policy: I enjoy interviewing people who contribute to the fantasy community. If you are an author, pod-caster, or other creator/contributor of fantasy or science fiction related materials I would be happy to host an interview for you here on Deviant Worlds. If you are interested in being interviewed in relation to your work, please feel free to contact me by email at ericfomley(at) Obviously replace the (at) with @. Please do not spam mail me or try to get me to buy your product or anything like that. I hope to use interviews as a way to promote good authors/creators to help people find great reads.

Review Policy: Unfortunately, due to the fact that I am not a full time reviewer, I cannot accept review requests for self-published writers. The number seeking reviews is simply too great. However, if you are interested in me checking out your self published work please feel free to drop me an email anyway or comment on this post with the subject 'review suggestion'. I do enjoy finding new reads and I am more than willing to check your book out, if I have time and decide I want to read that book. If you are still wanting the chance to get your book onto Deviant Worlds, I would suggest going the route of an Interview Request as listed above. As apart of your interview, I will ask you specific questions about your book that would help allow you to 'get it out there' if that is your hope. I appreciate all self-published authors for their hard work and I hope that one day I will have more time to dedicate to reading through self-published requests directly.

If you are a traditional publisher, I am more than willing to accept ARCs via mail or ebook. I believe I am on most major publisher's mailing lists but if not you can contact me at ericfomley(at) Replace the (at) with @.

Feel free to suggest books you'd like to see me review at some point in the comments below!

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