April 12, 2016

Read, Reading, Will Read

This is what I've read so far this week:
I read A Song for No Man's Land by Andy Remic over the weekend. It was a solid novella with a sort of Grimdark WWI fantasy appeal. You can read my full thoughts on it here.

I also just today was able to finally sit down and read Road Brothers:Tales of the Broken Empire. I'd been pretty eager to read this one for a while as Mark Lawrence's Broken Empire trilogy quickly became a new favorite of mine back in 2014. You can read my full thoughts on his Broken Empire anthology here.

This is what I'm currently reading:
I didn't know Glen Cook wrote a novel called The Swordbearer but I was pretty excited when I stumbled upon it. I'm a good bit into it and I can already tell you its more of what makes all of his other novels so great and I'm excited to get through to the end. Here's the books blurb: A young boy's dreams of glory and war turn into a bitter nightmare as his father's kingdom is overrun by an invading army. Lost and alone in the woods, he finds an ancient sword that promises him the ability to claim his vengeance. As he begins to take that vengeance, he comes to realize the price that the sword will demand of him. Enemies soon become allies and strange bedfellows abound as the prophesies of an age swirl into chaos.

Dynasty of Evil by Drew Karpyshyn. After reading the first two novels in the Darth Bane Trilogy in just a week I really couldn't stop the momentum. I'm most of the way through the 3rd novel and I can already tell the strings are coming together for a great ending. I look forward to finishing and giving you my thoughts on how it all came together.

This is what I will be reading soon:
Blood Follows by Steven Erikson. I'm on the 4th book of the Malazan Book of the Fallen but I've decided to take a little detour because book three of the series left me interested in the characters Bauchelain and Korbal Broach. I want to investigate these characters a little more before going on with the series and they are short novellas so it shouldn't be too long of a detour.

I've been pretty well invested with The Witcher for some time now. With the release of the 2015 RPG video game I decided to give Andrzej Sapkoski's novels a shot. The games were based on the books and so far they've been very well written, being some of the best fantasy novels out there in fact. I'm eager to read them all as they are translated from Polish to English and I hope Baptism of Fire will be more of the same excellence I've learned to love with this series. 

Now obviously my future reads are subject to change. A lot of the time I sit down really wanting to read one novel and end up not being in the mood for it so I pick up something else. But either way, stay tuned in to Deviant Worlds as I seek to find the very best of Science Fiction and Fantasy literature and help other readers find great books!

What have you all been reading? Let me know in the comments below!

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